Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump is our next president....and it might not be so bad.

This morning felt cold and dark. I don't blame it on day light savings, I blame it on Election Day hangover.

I voted for Hillary.

So today seems unbelievable. I am disappointed. I am sad. I am confused. It seems like a 100 million steps back, but if there is one thing I have learned it is that not all things are as they seem.

This man stands for absolutely nothing that I believe in....but what I am coming to realize is that maybe he isn't supposed to. You see, 4 years ago I also voted for Obama. But last month when my 5 year old son came home telling me that there were boys at his school that were picking on him I didn't hop on my phone and call Barack and ask him what do. I was the one who knelt down to my boy, held him tight, told him how important he was and prayed that he would learn compassion from this. Three months ago when my grandmother and father passed away 12 days apart I didn't ask Joe Biden to come speak at their funerals. Instead my family huddled around each other, wept, and swore we would live this life to the brim.

Ladies and gentlemen, maybe we needed the push. Maybe we needed a cold glass of water thrown in our faces so we would open our eyes. Maybe we needed to be kicked in the gut so we could see OUR strength, our potential, our capabilities, and our abilities. Whether you like it or not this man is our next president but he is not raising our babies, he is not fixing our marriages, and it is not his job to love YOUR neighbor. Maybe we got lazy and forgot to fight, because we have had this amazing president who has fought hard for all people. Maybe we forgot to take responsibility for each other. Maybe we neglected our own voices, gifts, callings, missions, and maybe we let our braveness slip.

But not anymore.

Facebook and twitter are a hot mess of emotion today, but haven't you seen glimpses of unity? Have you not seen rays of hope? Have you not witnessed fire in bones and love in hearts. People are rising and people are getting brave. Women are louder than ever and there are men fighting right alongside them. We are not ashes, we are not mere skin and bones, we are souls who have been awaken. We are hearts that are ready because we have felt the hurt and now are able to heal.

That to me is revolution. That to me is God moving in and through us. That to me is what Jesus meant by saying "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF." Because as much as I see sadness I see bravery. As much as I see discouragement I see people lifting each other back up and telling them they matter. I have seen more Christians loving on LGBTQ communities, opening their arms to immigrants, and welcoming back the lost and lonely. (Or maybe I am just friends with the right people wink wink)

We are apathetic no more. And maybe this is what had to happen. We know now more than ever what a responsibility we have to keep each other free. We will replace fear with love and we will excuse despair from our hearts. At the end of my life I will look into the eyes of my two sons and tell them I was not afraid. I will tell them I fought hard for them to have a better world. I will tell them I never gave up. I will be firm in my faith. I will pray for Trump, because I believe in a God who can do ALL THINGS. I will do my duty. I will not drop anchor here.

Let's make this mess our message. Let's get up, dust off our feet, and be brave.

Love hard and let freedom ring.


  1. You are a delight and share all of my heart.

  2. Love it! We just need to give people some time. Fear is real. Listening to people speak from their heart about their fears regresses me back to my childhood days when I experienced these same fears. I still have some that have been embedded in memory. Only through spiritual guidance have I been able to keep them covert. Some pretty harsh realities have come to the forefront for many. I'm in total agreement with you on how to confront (for better lack of a word) these fears. We must be related. Love you Niece.