Wednesday, May 7, 2014

150 %

No book, piece of advice, blog, article, or any other attempt of instruction prepares you for parenthood. No one can tell you how much it will change you. Grow you. Work out the things you though mattered into the things that really do.

It is the purest of all joys to be this boy's mom. 

He is funny, kind, gentle, compassionate, thoughtful, smart, and incredibly handsome. 

Growing him in my body was difficult, but getting to see him grow in front of my eyes is effortless enjoyment.

I like who I am as a mother, I am more patient, I get to use my gifts, and I feel honored I get to be the one who (along with my amazing husband) teaches him about Jesus. I get to understand more than I did before about how much God loves me. How much He wants to give me good things.How blessed He must feel when I love Him back. When I thank Him. When I talk to Him. When I desire to be close to Him. 

Motherhood is a powerful force. It is a mighty calling. It is a constant, self sacrificing, pouring it all out kind of affection. It is exhausting, it is the push, the press, it is a "dinner is burning, heads are hurting, but you need to come and see that all my toy cars are piled on top of this puzzle or I am going to have a meltdown." kind of perseverance. 

It is your all. 

150 %.

And I highly recommend it.

Happy Wednesday friends,



  1. I love this line "I like who I am as a mother" it took me SO long to get to that point - what a blessing that you have this perspective you already!

    1. Never saw this until now! Thank you sweet friend! :)