Monday, April 8, 2013

Here is everything he needs.

In a field of yellow flowers,
                                                   underneath the sun,
bluest eyes that spark with lightning,boy with shoes undone.
He is young, so full of hope, reveling in tiny dreams,
filling up, his arms with flowers,
right for giving any queen.
Running to her beaming bright,while cradling his prize.
A flickering of yellow light,within his mother's eyes.
She holds them to her heart,
keeping them where they'll be safe,clasped within her very marrow,
dandelions in a vase.

She sees love, 
where anyone else would see weeds.
All hope is found.
Here is everything he needs.
::Five Iron Frenzy::

I am well aware everyday of just how much Thad needs me. Every minute, hour, of the day. What I am realizing is how little he needs of me as well. He needs to to look when he's entertaining. He needs me to take the flowers he picks for me. He needs to me just smile. To just laugh at him. These little things are so big to him. I am learning of how little he needs of me in the things that are most important to him.

I'm going to blink and he'll be off conquering his own world in his own way. But what an honor it is to be his world right now. To be everything he needs in the big and teeniest of ways.

God, you trust me extravagantly. 


  1. First, I totally thought you had written that poem (song) because youre talented like that. Second, being a mother is a wondetful gift and you expressed it beautifully, Friend! Love you Erika!