Monday, August 6, 2012

My secret not-so-admiring admirer.

Before you dig into this blog I have to give you a few disclaimers....first off I'm a big girl...well not in stature, but in heart, and other areas post-baby, so I don't need anyone coming to my rescue or anything of the sort, I am not here to bully or pick on but I do feel quite inspired by this here it is:

I am opinionated. I know this about myself and I like it. I believe that my spiritual gift is exhortation, I'm not afraid to encourage and I'm not afraid to speak truth, I am still in so many ways learning how to do this gently, but I know I've come along way and still have a ways to go. But because I am opinionated I can get a lot of people who disagree with my thoughts, and I have found that over the internet it is quite tempting to start a Facebook debate, twitter debate etc etc (which I have given in to) but I've tried to quit and I've been pretty good about it until this happened last night while I was getting read for bed:

Don't you just love it? I am assuming that this all started because I donated $10 to the Obama campaign. But here is the thing: that is ok! I am allowed to. I am a FIRM believer that we can vote for who ever we want to, isn't that free will? I happen to like Obama, no I may not agree with everything he is for, but I don't want to vote for Romney, but IT'S OK IF YOU DO!!!! To each their own. This isn't political and I am not trying to make it that way. My hope is that we could in some little way be a set apart group that stops going for each other's throats when we don't agree on everything.

I am also going to assume you can get what my responses were and even though I should have just not responded I did, because we as a human race care way too much about when people don't like us, am I right? 

In response to the filling my mind with trash comment I really couldn't see how someone could tell my heart and character as well as sanctification ("IF you are Christian..") just by my twitter posts. You want to know what kind of Christian I am? Ok...well... I don't read my bible everyday because sometimes my baby is up all night, but then God gives me these amazing mornings, like today, where my baby sleep til 10am and I get to read a few psalms, journal, and thank God for another day. I eat breakfast with my son and read him a bible story, then we go about our day, I read Parents magazine, I watch Mad Men with my husband, and my latest book is by my pastor Dan Kimball about his adventures in coming to know Jesus. I love my family, I put them first. This summer was the first summer I did not do anything ministry related in 10 years because I feel like God told me to focus on my family until my baby boy was 1! (And I am loving it!) Sometimes I curse, sometimes I say the wrong things. I don't think I've EVER really understood God's love until I held my son in my arms. I love my husband, we go to counseling because I am NOT going to be another statistic that marriages don't last. (No offense Kim Kardashian) Speaking of which my guilty pleasure is reality television, I happen to like Katy Perry, and my favorite song of all time is "Come thou fount". I don't think I am cool and I don't go out of my way to be trendy or relevant, I like what I like. That is me in a paragraph. And I like who I am and God loves me for who I am. 

So these kinds of things, kinds of accusations and judgements, well yes, they do bother me, because there is more to me, there is more to you, there is more to this anonymous twitter-er(?) than just this. Guys, Christian or not we have an obligation to the world to leave it better than when we arrived. We have the privilege of being gentle with people, no matter what they have done and what they believe. I am not suggesting let's all join hands and sing "kumbaya", frankly because not all of us can sing and I am a germaphobe. I am suggesting LIGHTEN UP, BACK OFF PEOPLE. We can disagree, it's ok. But be gentle with people, everyone has scrapes and bruises under their clothes. And everyone has a story that would break your heart.

As far as the Christian aspect of this goes, how are we supposed to convince people that Jesus is real and alive in us if WE AS CHRISTIANS can't even love each other. I am mean really, this is what people see, Christians trying to convert non-believers then hopping on twitter and judging others who do know and love Christ. Whatever happened to "They will know we are Christian by our love"?  I am not saying that accountability and growth and even holiness do not apply in our walks with Christ, I am saying it starts with love and acceptance, that is Christlike to me. We have an enemy right? And it isn't each other, right?

I'l get off my vintage soapbox that I got at a thrift shop now and I'll just say this:
Vote for Obama or Vote for Romney I'll still love you.
Watch the 700 club or 16 and pregnant I'll still love you.
Read Chelsea Handler books or Blue like Jazz but I'll still love you.

I just hope you'll know I am a Christian by my love.


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