Sunday, November 23, 2008

Maybe this time around.

"Maybe this time around we'll work a little harder

maybe this time around we'll live a little smarter

Maybe this time around we'll sing it like we mean itthen when we get that down

we'll live it like we sing it

Because we canYou know we can

How bout this time aroundwe love with more than our words

We'll find a way to speak, that lets the others be heardmmm hhmmmmand then this time around

We won't fear ruffled featherscause some of them won't believe,

that we'll change the world for better

But you know we will

You knooooow ...Eventhough it seems impossible yeah it's possible

I believe with all my heart

if we'd only lay our weapons down this time around

if we all would play our partsour parts...well then this time around

if we would stop our running

and use our hands and feet

we'll bring the kingdom comingOhhh oh we'll bring the kingdom coming

Ooooh whoa ohOooh whoa oh Ooooh whoa oh oh

we'll bring the kingdom comingwhooooa oh ohwhooooah oh oh oh

We'll bring the kingdom..."
-Carly Escoto-

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